Our company was founded in 2008 and has been owned by Hungarian individuals since its inception. Until now, it has been engaged in business consulting and educational activities. In the course of their previous activities, the senior officer and members of our company came into contact with insolvency proceedings on numerous occasions and participated in them as experts, as consultants. Through these consultations, a significant amount of professional experience has been accumulated, which our Company would like to utilize within an institutionalized framework by participating as a liquidation organization in the most efficient implementation of these procedures, thereby promoting the purification of economic life and supporting the reorganization processes.

notebookOur company's mission is to be able to provide our clients with a professional service that can be exemplary for other liquidation organizations. We want to establish a long-term cooperation with the permanent players of the liquidation market, which will help to complete the procedures quickly and efficiently.

Our core values:

  • Quality: We provide our customers with a high professional level of service.
  • Flexibility: Adapting to the needs of our customers and developing customized solutions.
  • Trust: We develop a relationship based on trust with our employees and strategic partners.
  • Innovativeness: We pay special attention to the continuous professional development of our employees, and our IT background constantly follows the most modern IT solutions.
  • Economy: In the course of our activity, we strive for cost minimization.